The Steer Safe       Taking Hands-Free use of Smart-phones to the Next Level...
Taking Hands-Free to the Next Level...


We are currently seeking funding to launch this from pre-orders.  People like you or me can pre-order a Steer Safe AND also help support a great project.

You can find and support our project here:

We have designed The Steer Safe as a hands-free solution UNIVERSAL to all steering wheels AND all smart phones (with or without a phone case attached).  Abides by all laws from the Department of Transportation.

Tired of NOT being able to see your smart phone to use your GPS, or holding it in one hand while driving?  Isn’t it INCONVENIENT having your phone attached to the windshield?  Well not anymore with The Steer Safe.   The Steer Safe enables you to utilize ALL the functions of your smart phone in a hands free and safe manner.




Key Benefits:  Review FAQs below for more details and information

·      Universal, Effective, and Safe when used responsibly

·      Professionally engineered to keep your phone flush against the top of the steering wheel

·      Designed to not interfere with deployment of the airbag

·      Ability to rotate/tilt for customized viewing and placement for proper viewing of odometer. Can use full functionality of your smart-phone - when vehicle stationary

·      Phone stays in place securely and will not hit your legs while rotating the steering wheel

·      Installs in less than 30 seconds and no tools are necessary. 

·      Overcomes top complaints inherent with all other hands-free accessories: limited viewing, bad placement, limited access, having to move eyes too much, unable to use GPS properly, can't use speaker phone, among others