The Steer Safe       Taking Hands-Free use of Smart-phones to the Next Level...
Taking Hands-Free to the Next Level...


Is it legal to have my smart phone on the steering wheel?

Yes.  It abides by all current regulations from the Department of Transportation. All state laws surrounding use of your cell phone in a vehicle must be followed. Use of your phone should be limited to when vehicle is parked or stationary.

What is the most effective way to use the Steer Safe?

The ideal placement of the Steer Safe is at the top of your steering wheel. This allows for placement away from the airbag and in the best line of sight of the driver. Also, placement of hands at 10 & 2 o’clock on the steering wheel while driving is recommended for optimum use. ALWAYS ENSURE IT IS NOT PLACED OVER AIRBAG.

Will my cell phone fit on my steering wheel?

Yes.  The Steer Safe has been uniquely designed to be UNIVERSAL to all steering wheels AND all smart phones (with or without a phone case attached).

Is this safe to use?

Yes.  Hands free use of your cell phone is now mandatory in many states and legislation is being enacted in many others.  This provides a safe and highly effective way to use your phone in a hands free manner.  It is designed to be away from the airbag thus allowing for safe use of your phone.

What are some of the uses of the Steer Safe?

Making/receiving phone calls, using your GPS. and use the endless amount of applications enabled on your cell phone. All in a safe, convenient, and effective hands free manner. Use of your phone should be limited to when car is parked or stationary.

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